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Ariana Grande's House

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, known for her incredible vocals, catchy songs, and iconic style. But besides her successful career, she also has a beautiful home that reflects her personality and taste. In this article, we will take a closer look at Ariana Grande’s house, giving you a sneak peek into her charming abode.

Ariana Grande’s House Beginning of Love Affair with Real Estate

Ariana Grande bought her first home in 2012, a luxury apartment in Los Angeles for $2.1 million. This was just the beginning of her love affair with real estate. Since then, she has owned multiple properties, including homes in New York City and Boca Raton, Florida. However, her most famous and beloved home is her current residence in Los Angeles.

Ariana Grande's House

Location and Exterior

Grande’s house is located in the exclusive gated community of Montecito, California. The property spans over five acres and offers breathtaking views of the mountains and ocean. The exterior of the house is a mix of modern and Mediterranean styles, with white walls, clay tiles, and arched windows. The front entrance is adorned with a beautiful water fountain and palm trees, giving off major Mediterranean vibes.

Interior Design

Ariana Grande’s house is as unique and stylish as her music. The interior design is a mix of modern and eclectic elements, bringing together different textures, patterns, and colors to create a warm and welcoming space. Her love for pink is evident throughout the house, with touches of the color in every room. But don’t be mistaken, this is not your typical girly pink; it’s a sophisticated and chic shade that adds character to each space.

The Living Areas

The living areas of Grande’s house are cozy yet luxurious. The main living room features high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in plenty of natural light. The room is decorated with plush velvet sofas, patterned rugs, and unique artwork. But the real showstopper is the grand piano in the corner, which Grande often plays during intimate gatherings.

Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen and dining area are a perfect blend of style and functionality. The kitchen features marble countertops, sleek white cabinets, and top-of-the-line appliances. The dining area is a cozy nook with a long wooden table surrounded by comfortable chairs. The walls are adorned with artwork and framed lyrics from Grande’s songs, adding a personal touch to the space.


Grande’s house boasts five bedrooms, each one unique in its design and d├ęcor. The master bedroom is a spacious and airy retreat, with a king-sized bed, cozy sitting area, and a balcony overlooking the stunning views. The other bedrooms are equally charming and feature different themes and color schemes.

Bathroom Heaven

No luxury home is complete without a dreamy bathroom, and Grande’s house has plenty of them. Each bathroom is unique in its design, but all of them feature marble finishes, spacious showers, and lavish tubs. The master bathroom has a walk-in closet and a separate room for hair and makeup.

Entertainment Room

Grande’s house also includes an entertainment room, perfect for hosting parties or movie nights with friends. The room is decked out with plush couches, a large flat-screen TV, and a bar area. But the highlight of the room is the colorful neon lights that give it a fun and playful vibe.

Backyard Oasis

One of the most impressive features of Grande’s house is its backyard. The spacious outdoor area includes a pool, spa, multiple seating areas, and a stunning view of the mountains. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day or to host a summer BBQ with friends and family.

Personal Touches

As mentioned earlier, Ariana Grande’s house is not just a luxurious property; it also reflects her personality and interests. Throughout the house, you can find personal touches that make it feel like a home rather than just a showpiece. From photos of her loved ones to references to her music, each room has a story to tell.


Q: How much did Ariana Grande’s house cost?

A: The exact price of Grande’s house is unknown, but it was listed for $16 million in 2020.

Q: Does Ariana Grande own any other properties besides her Los Angeles home?

A: Yes, she owns multiple properties in different locations, including New York City and Boca Raton, Florida.

Q: What style is Grande’s house?

A: The exterior of the house is a mix of modern and Mediterranean styles, while the interior features eclectic elements.

Q: Does Grande have a backyard pool?

A: Yes, her backyard includes a pool and spa area with stunning views of the mountains.

Q: Does Grande’s house have any personal touches?

A: Yes, there are personal touches throughout the house, including photos and references to her music.


Ariana Grande’s house is a true reflection of her personality and style. From the stunning exterior to the cozy living areas and dreamy bathrooms, every corner of her home exudes luxury and warmth. We hope this article gave you a glimpse into Grande’s charming abode and inspired you to add personal touches to your own living space. So, next time you listen to her music, you can imagine yourself in her beautiful home, living your own luxurious life.

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