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what home automation can bring to your screen room making it to be truly luxurious and convenient living space

Think of yourself lying back in your screen room and taking pleasure in the mild wind as well as the surrounding beauty. Now imagine you can change lighting, temperature or even screens using only a touch on your smart phone or a simple voice command. This is what home automation can bring to your screen room making it to be truly luxurious and convenient living space.

Incorporating smart home technology is an excellent idea if you are planning a screen room remodel that will take your outdoor oasis to the next level. Smart screens and lights, climate control systems, as well as entertainment systems are just a few of many ways you can make your screen room more intelligent.  The following are some of the best ideas for automating homes in relation to remodeling your screen room.

Automated Screens for Ultimate Convenience

According to USMotions research, one of the most practical and impressive ways to automate your screen room is with motorized screens. These screens can be easily raised or lowered using a smartphone app, remote control, smart assistants such as Alexa or Google Home. What about changing them from where you sit?

Motorized screens also help regulate temperature and light besides being easy to use in your screen room. You can program these screens to lower automatically during peak heat hours thereby blocking excessive sunlight and heat or raise them early morning thereby letting fresh air into the house. This means that all day long in your screen room will be comfortable.

screens can be easily raised or lowered using a smartphone app, remote control, smart assistants such as Alexa or Google Home

Smart Lighting for Ambiance and Energy Efficiency

Lighting performs an integral role when establishing mood within any living space including this very important place –your sunroom too! With smart lighting automation, individuals are able to manipulate brightness, color even warmth of light thus creating perfect atmosphere for any occasion whatsoever.

Smart lighting systems have scheduling capability that slowly brighten up every morning so as to allow you wake up comfortably whereas they dim themselves late evening providing calm atmosphere respectively (Lutron Electronics Co., 2017). Further still, you can have motion detectors that switch on the bulbs upon sensing when someone walks into your sunroom hence saving energy.

Climate Control for Year-Round Comfort

For all-year-round comfort in your screen room, you need a reliable climate control system. WIth smart thermostats, you can change the temperature of your screen room using your phone or voice commands1. You may even program it to automatically adjust the settings based on time of day or patterns of usage.

During those chilly evenings, think about adding a remote controlled smart fireplace. With just one touch on your phone you could be sitting by the fire! Regardless of how cold winter may get, with smart climate control, your screen porch will always be a cozy haven.

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Entertainment at Your Fingertips

A good entertainment system is mandatory for every screened room. It is now possible to stream music and films through home automation by either using voice command given through a smartphone ( or even pressing some buttons following their manual instructions.

Consider installing ceiling-mounted speakers that descend when needed and ascend when not in use to give a super immersive experience. This frees up some space while adding elegance to your screen room. Once automated, you can use your screen room as an entertainment hub for unwinding.

Peace of Mind through Integrated Security

However, besides comfort and convenience, home automation also guarantees added security for the screen rooms and the homes they are part of. Smart security systems encompass cameras capable of monitoring, motion detectors and even smart locks that can be operated from miles away.

Could you imagine checking on your screen room via smartphone from wherever you are or receiving notifications whenever someone seems out of place? So with an automated security system, one is able to relax in their screen room knowing their house is secure.


By incorporating home automation into your screen room remodel, you take a smart step in improving outdoor living experience with numerous benefits. You can install automated screens and lightings among others such as climate control, entertainment systems and security measures. Thus by embracing such smart home technologies, one will develop his/her own luxurious haven with all year round enjoyment at the backyard. Why wait any longer than this? Begin planning today for an automatic transformation of your outdoor living into an automated screening area!

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