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neoclassical interior design

When it comes to interior design, there is a wide range of styles to choose from. From modern and minimalistic to bohemian and eclectic, each style brings its own unique character and aesthetic to a space. One style that has stood the test of time and remains popular today is neoclassical interior design.

Neoclassical interior design draws inspiration from classical Greek and Roman architecture, art, and design. It first emerged in the 18th century during the Neoclassical movement and has been a staple in interior design ever since. Its emphasis on symmetry, grandeur, and elegance makes it a perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to their home.

Understanding Neoclassical Interior Design

Before diving into how to incorporate neoclassical interior design into your home, it’s essential to understand its key elements and characteristics. Neoclassical design is all about balance and symmetry, with a focus on clean lines and geometric shapes. This style also often incorporates ornate details like columns, arches, and cornices.

In terms of color palette, neoclassical design leans towards muted and neutral tones such as creams, greys, and blues. These colors create a sense of calm and elegance in the space. However, pops of color can be incorporated through accent pieces like artwork or furniture.

neoclassical interior design

Another defining feature of neoclassical interior design is the use of luxurious materials. Marble, gold, and crystal are commonly used to add a touch of opulence and grandeur. These materials also help create a sense of timelessness in the space.

Incorporating Neoclassical Design into Your Home

Now that we have an understanding of neoclassical interior design, let’s explore how you can incorporate it into your home. Read also: How to Build a Kitchen Island

1. Start with the Walls

The walls are the foundation of any room, and they play a vital role in setting the tone for your neoclassical space. To achieve this style, opt for neutral-colored walls and add architectural details such as crown molding or wainscoting. You can also incorporate wallpaper with traditional patterns like damask or toile.

2. Choose Classic Furniture Pieces

When it comes to furniture, opt for classic and timeless pieces. Look for clean lines, elegant curves, and intricate details. Furniture made from luxurious materials like marble or velvet can also add a touch of neoclassical opulence to the space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles as long as they all have a cohesive look.

3. Add Ornate Decorative Elements

A key aspect of neoclassical interior design is the use of ornate decorative elements. This can include chandeliers, gilded mirrors, and elegant sculptures. These pieces not only add to the grandeur of the space but also serve as focal points.

4. Incorporate Classical Artwork

Neoclassical interior design draws inspiration from classical art, so incorporating pieces of art into your space is a must. Look for paintings or sculptures that feature Greek or Roman motifs, such as columns, statues, or mythological figures. These pieces will add a touch of history and culture to your neoclassical home.

5. Focus on Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right ambiance in a neoclassical space. Opt for soft and warm lighting to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere. Chandeliers, sconces, and table lamps can all be used to add layers of light and create a sense of luxury.

6. Don’t Forget About the Details

To truly achieve the neoclassical look, pay attention to small details like door handles, cabinet knobs, and even the type of curtains you choose. These details may seem insignificant, but they can make a big difference in tying the whole design together.


Q1: Can neoclassical interior design work in smaller spaces?

A1: Yes, neoclassical interior design can work in smaller spaces as long as you focus on creating balance and symmetry in the design. Choose furniture that is appropriately sized for the space, and opt for lighter colors to make the room feel more spacious.

Q2: Is neoclassical interior design expensive?

A2: Neoclassical interior design can be expensive if you choose to use luxurious materials like marble or crystal. However, there are ways to achieve the look on a budget. Look for vintage or thrifted pieces that can add a touch of opulence without breaking the bank.

Q3: Can I mix neoclassical design with other styles?

A3: Yes, neoclassical interior design can be mixed with other styles to create a unique and personalized space. Just make sure to stick to a cohesive color palette and incorporate elements from each style in a balanced way.

Q4: Do I have to use specific colors in neoclassical design?

A4: While muted and neutral tones are commonly used in neoclassical design, you can also incorporate pops of color through accent pieces. Just make sure the colors complement each other and create a sense of balance in the space.

Q5: Is neoclassical design only suitable for traditional homes?

A5: No, neoclassical interior design can be incorporated into both traditional and modern homes. It all depends on how you mix and match elements to create a harmonious design.


Neoclassical interior design is a timeless and elegant style that can add sophistication and luxury to any home. By incorporating key elements such as balance, symmetry, and opulent materials, you can achieve a beautiful neoclassical space. Don’t be afraid to mix in your personal style and make the space uniquely yours. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to create your own neoclassical oasis at home. So why wait? Start incorporating neoclassical design into your home today and transform it into a space that exudes elegance and refinement. Happy decorating!

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